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Daycare and Boarding Just outside the Plano Trabuco Gate of Coto de Caza.  Serving Rancho Santa Margarita and surrounding community
We have several different play areas to fit all dogs needs.  We have a large indoor park area for chasing balls and playing with friends.  

Our playground is a smaller area the dogs love to chase and play, around  and through, the castle pictured on the right.

Different play areas will ensure your pets safety, in a friendly atmosphere, to keep them wanting to come back! 

And after your pet has played and wants a little down time, they can go to Grandmas Living room. There they can sit on the couch or lay on the rug to watch dog cartoons or movies.  

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Special Needs Dogs

Have sweet dreams in Grandma's
Guest Rooms
per day
Grandma's entry and living room.  Everyone is allowed on the couch.
This is the indoor park.  You can see the lockers where your dogs items are stored for safe keeping.
     Drop-ins are welcome!
Is your dog bored all day?
Bring your dog to play and make friends.  We will work out the wiggles during the day so your best friend is tired at the end of the day just like you.
               Mon - Fri 7AM to 7PM
                   Saturday 8 to 5           
      SUNDAY 8 to10am and 3 to 4pm
Dog Daycare and Boarding for Rancho Santa Margarita area.
We are closed from 12:30 to 1:30 each day.  Everyone takes a nap to insure a fun afternoon.